Albert Einstein and the Science of Spirituality


I’ve always been a bit of a science nerd. I have a fondness for knowing how things work, and when I was a kid, when something was broken, my brothers would give it to me and I’d take it apart or examine it, and see if I could figure out exactly how it worked and how to fix it. I loved looking for gears and levers and catches and other mechanical bits and pieces to bring me to a better understanding of the objects around me.


As I grew older, I turned to science as my religion. Science held all the answers I needed, and lead to a greater understanding of the universe. When I’d first heard about Einstein’s famous equation, I was immediately impressed with its simplicity:




This tiny little equation blew open the doors to the universe. It’s what makes the nuclear bomb possible.


But there’s a more immediate, practical use in our daily lives, one that I doubt many people have picked up on.


What this little equation states is that energy and matter are related. It states — in full — that Energy equals Matter times the Speed of Light squared.


This means a couple of important things when it comes to spirituality:


First, it means that energy and matter are one and the same. If you break matter apart, you get energy. If you break energy apart, you get more energy, albeit typically in a different form. So, in truth, matter is nothing more than a fancy illusion. In reality, all there is is energy. And all the energy that is, always has been and always will be. That is to say, energy is eternal. The Law of the Conservation of Energy tells us that energy can not be created or destroyed, you can simply change its form.


Thus, we know through Einstein’s formula that we are simply cleverly disguised energy beings, eternal, and beyond time and space (so, y’know, we’ve got that going for us).


Secondly, and this is a big one: the formula tells us that matter contains an enormous amount of energy. Each tiny piece of matter contains a mind-numbing amount of energy, so staggering as to be practically useless to the ordinary mind. The Speed of Light is some 299,792,458 metres per second. So if Energy = Matter x (299,792,458 x 299,792,458), you can immediately see how much energy is contained within the smallest speck of matter. (Can you now see how much power you have at your fingertips?)


What this tells us spiritually, is that NOTHING MATTERS WITHOUT THE ENERGY YOU PUT INTO IT.


In other words, if you give something your energy, it will eventually matter. Give it enough energy, and you can manifest it into actual matter. Focus your intent on one thing with single minded determination, and it is likely to manifest (we still have to deal with quantum potentiality, so we can’t say for sure if something WILL manifest, but we can speak of likelihoods or probabilities).


If you spend your life focusing on the negative, you attract the negative. If you spend your life focusing on the positive, you attract the positive. It is also a fundamental law of the universe that like energy attracts like energy.


If you focus on, say, your spouse or significant other cheating on you, you draw that into your reality. If you focus on abundance, you draw that into your reality.


What matters is where you put your energy. Get it?


If you want more love in your life, don’t focus on your lack of it. If you want more money, don’t focus on your lack of it. If you want more success, don’t focus on your lack of it.


Keep in mind the formula. An enormous amount of energy has to go into something to create matter, so don’t expect things in your life to change overnight. These things take time. So have faith, young traveller…


As Paulo Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


And as Conversations with God reminds us, make every act a loving act. When you put love into everything you do, not only do you attract more love into your life, but it makes the hard times easier.


Do everything with a loving heart, a loving mind, and a loving spirit. Put your energy into that which matters. Do so long enough and the universe will conspire in your favour.


Are you starting to see why E=MC2 is perhaps one of the most important spiritual laws of all time? It was right there all along. (And you thought Einstein only taught physics. You didn’t think Einstein could be one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, did you?)


And when things start to move in your direction, and life starts to turn your way, remind yourself, “E=MC2“. When you notice that the energy you’re putting into something is creating that which matters to you, remind yourself, “E=MC2“.




Now who says science and spirituality can’t coexist?






Tommy Heiden is a family photographer based out of Maple Ridge who, when he’s not caring for his amazing wife and two beautiful children, is occasionally found taking pictures of other peoples’ wives and children, and even more often, speaking and blogging about how to add more love to your life.

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