Understanding Love & The Hierarchy of Emotions

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  “My love for you has no condition,” I said to her. “You do not have to do, or be, or say anything in order for me to love you. You do not have to try to be someone you’re not, you can simply be who you are, and know that I will and always … Continue reading “Understanding Love & The Hierarchy of Emotions”


Are You Putting Your Leg on the Fire?

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  Two men decided that they wanted to get away from it all and try camping. This being their first time camping, they decided to bring a book that had all the information they needed: how to set up a tent (I refrained from using the phrase “pitch a tent” because the 10 year old … Continue reading “Are You Putting Your Leg on the Fire?”


One Question That Can Change Your Life

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  As the media swirls around the news of Harvey Weinstein, and our social media feeds fill up with stories of #MeToo and #HowIWillChange, a light has been shined on some truly despicable actions by one particular person and the abuse that half of society deals with on a regular basis.   As one comedian … Continue reading “One Question That Can Change Your Life”


A Quick Story

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  As someone who enjoys the act of writing, I must admit that there are people who are infinitely better at it than I am. I heard this story recently by the amazing Portia Nelson and it stuck with me. I’ll let the words speak for themselves. Take from it what you will, and if … Continue reading “A Quick Story”


On Charlottesville and Spirituality

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  This is the story of the two travellers. The first, looking for a place to live, arrived in a small town, and wanting to get a feel for the place, went to an old local man for advice.   “I’m thinking of settling here,” he said to the old man. “What type of people … Continue reading “On Charlottesville and Spirituality”