A Quick Story

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  As someone who enjoys the act of writing, I must admit that there are people who are infinitely better at it than I am. I heard this story recently by the amazing Portia Nelson and it stuck with me. I’ll let the words speak for themselves. Take from it what you will, and if … Continue reading “A Quick Story”


On Charlottesville and Spirituality

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  This is the story of the two travellers. The first, looking for a place to live, arrived in a small town, and wanting to get a feel for the place, went to an old local man for advice.   “I’m thinking of settling here,” he said to the old man. “What type of people … Continue reading “On Charlottesville and Spirituality”


The Biggest Liar in the World

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  Let’s say there’s two people that you know: one is completely ignorant, and the other one’s the biggest liar in the world. Given that you would have to deal with them both every day, how would you go about functioning in the real world?   The good news is that you do it quite … Continue reading “The Biggest Liar in the World”


Albert Einstein and the Science of Spirituality

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I’ve always been a bit of a science nerd. I have a fondness for knowing how things work, and when I was a kid, when something was broken, my brothers would give it to me and I’d take it apart or examine it, and see if I could figure out exactly how it worked and how … Continue reading “Albert Einstein and the Science of Spirituality”


The Myth of Original Sin

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    I talked a little in my last post about the myth of a condemning God, and of course, now I’m gonna talk a little about “Original Sin,” and how it plays into our culture and ideas of spirituality.   In the mythical story of Adam and Eve, Eve — of  course — ate … Continue reading “The Myth of Original Sin”