The Biggest Liar in the World



Let’s say there’s two people that you know: one is completely ignorant, and the other one’s the biggest liar in the world. Given that you would have to deal with them both every day, how would you go about functioning in the real world?


The good news is that you do it quite well, you’re doing it every single day of your life. Let’s dive deep into spirituality again and then bring it back into the real world once more to see what I mean.


Every great spiritual teacher will tell you that you are a three part being: body, mind, and spirit (or soul). They tend to leave out a few important things, however.


First off, you’re not a body with a soul, you’re a soul with a body. Your soul is the container for the body, and not the other way around. Likewise your soul is the one running the show. Your body is realistically nothing more than a tool, like a hammer, to experience dualistic reality. Like dualistic reality itself, the idea that the body is you is really an illusion (a pretty fantastic illusion, but an illusion nonetheless), but that’s another story entirely.


Here’s the thing: The soul’s purpose is to know itself by using the dualistic reality to understand who it is, by understanding who it’s not (as I’ve repeated many times on this blog, “In the absence of that which is not, that which is, is not” — a wonderful phrase I’ve borrowed from the great spiritual classic Conversations with God).


The downside is the soul exists outside of spacetime, and has this unfortunate side effect of knowing everything — including who it is — by its very nature, so in order for it to experience itself through physical, dualistic reality, it has to somehow FORGET who it is. Of course, the soul can’t actually forget anything, so a solution had to be created.


That solution came in the form of the mind. The mind (halfway between body and spirit) is designed by its very nature to be ignorant. It’s designed by its very nature to forget who it is, and to not be able to know the difference between truth and falsehood to not know who it is, so that it can experience through the body this wonderful thing we call life. (Of course, the downside to this is that we all know people who are convinced that they’re right and that they know better when in fact, they don’t. And of course, some would say that about me, but that’s another story…)


Along with the mind was created the ego. The ego was born out of the illusion of separateness. It’s the part of you that says, “I’m here, and everything else is ‘over there.'” It’s also the part of you that controls superiority and inferiority. In other words, it’s the part of you that says, “That tiger over there is bigger and stronger than me, so I better run so that I don’t become its lunch, or get a sharp stick to try to even the odds.”


So you can see that the ego is actually quite useful. It’s the part that keeps the physical body of yours alive. It’s also the part of you that makes you THINK that you’re your physical body (more specifically, it makes you THINK that IT {ie: the ego} is YOU, and the body is part of that “youness.”)


But it is by its very nature, a liar. In fact, it’s the biggest liar in the world. It is the very essence of the phrase, “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” because it’s job is to lie to you on a daily basis. It’s job is to say, “I’m the real you. Don’t listen to anybody else, listen to me. You’re superior to that person, and you’re inferior to that person. Feel good about this, feel bad about that.”


And of course, the mind being by its very nature, goes along with it, leading to a wonderful exercise in futility, a vicious cycle of lies and ignorance which leads to wars, catastrophes, and suffering.


Any time you make a decision that’s based around separation or superiority, that’s a decision made out of the ego. The ego isn’t you. It never was. It was created as a byproduct, and the dual illusions of separation and superiority are what is leading to the downfall of human civilization.


If we realized that no separation exists, and thus superiority cannot exist (if all things are one thing, how can a thing be superior to itself?), suffering would end tomorrow.


It is when someone feels superior that they commit the most inferior acts. It is when one country feels superiority to another, that they feel that they can plunder their national resources, kill and imprison their citizens, and brutalize their women. It is when one person feels superior to another, that they believe that that other person can be owned as property and be whipped and beaten without mercy. It is when one religion feels itself superior to another that they can kill the infidels, apostates, and the blasphemers in God’s name.


Much human suffering has been caused at the hands of superiority.


I say again: all things are one thing, and that one thing cannot be superior to itself.


It’s no wonder then, that when we look to the masters, they have all without exception, transcended the ego, and they are all quite literally, out of their mind.


The first thing they will tell you is that you are not your body.

The next thing they will tell you is that you are not your mind.

The third thing they will tell you is that you are not your ego.


That which you are is eternal, unlimited, and free. It is beyond time, beyond dimension, it is light, it is love, it is freedom, it is bliss. And it is one with all. There is no separation. In recognizing this, all ascended masters radiate peace and love, gentleness and kindness, because that is their true nature as it is yours.


The mind is by its very nature incapable of telling truth from falsehood. The ego works that to its advantage. It loves to feel superior, it loves to be right.


But in seeking truth, we must then transcend or dissolve the ego, and as I mentioned, “get out of our mind.” The ego, of course, will not like this. It’s very survival is at stake, and it will not go gently into that good night.


So how then do we a) transcend the ego, and b) learn to tell truth from falsehood?


First, we must recognize who we are and hold that thought in our heads. How do we know who we are? Look to the masters, the saints, the avatars. Look to Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus Christ. All of them spoke with compassion and humility. Krishna’s message was that we are all divine. Buddha’s message was that we are all Buddha. And Jesus’s message was not that he was holier than you, but that you are as holy as was he (And yes, I know Christians will disagree with me on this point, but my point stands). Or you could look to modern saints like Ramana Maharshi or Nisargadatta Maharaj for your inspiration.


Secondly, whenever we make a decision that is based out of superiority or separation, we should remind ourself that that is the ego, and that nothing is superior to anything else. Different, yes. Superior, no. The sun is not superior to the sky. The ocean not superior to the land. The bird not superior to the dog. And we must remind ourselves of the suffering that’s been caused from our belief in separation and superiority.


Lastly, whenever I get caught up in the maya/illusion, and I react poorly, I silently remind myself, “I am you. You are me. We are one.” Choose to see yourself and the other as profoundly innocent. I used the word ignorant before, but innocence is actually much better. In the same way that a child is innocent when he pulls a cat’s tail not realizing it hurts the cat, people do the things they do because they’re innocent. If they knew who they really were, they would act differently. They don’t, so they can’t.


Therefore, bless those who you conflict with. End every conversation with the word, “Namaste.” It means simply that the spirit in me, recognizes the spirit in you. When you begin to see yourself as who you really are, help remind people of who they are. Not by beating them over the head with it, but through your own being, and your own actions. Use gentle words, and move softly through the world. Gently remind them of their true selves, and know it is part of the plan for everyone, EVERYONE, to eventually remember who they are, and return to the source.


If they want to get caught up in the maya, the illusion, bless them, and yet be an example for them, as Jesus did. As Buddha did. As Krishna did. Each of these masters carved a way, a path for people to follow. They said, I have shown you the way and the truth and the life. Follow me, and you shall be free. But they never forced anyone to walk the path they walked. They simply showed the world what was possible, and offered to walk with them to their destination.


Jesus said it best: If someone asks you to go with them a mile, go with him twain.


Above all, bless your ego. It has served its purpose. It is not your enemy. It does not have to be beaten. But set it aside, as a child sets aside old toys. Not because it is bad, but because it is no longer needed.





Tommy Heiden is a family photographer based out of Maple Ridge who, when he’s not caring for his amazing wife and two beautiful children, is occasionally found taking pictures of other peoples’ wives and children, and even more often, speaking and blogging about how to add more love to your life.

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