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It may not come as a surprise to you, but the biggest aspect of self-realization is…. (Duh duh DUUUHHH!!!) realization of the Self. See? Told you it wasn’t surprising.


I actually started down the path of self-realization kind of by accident. I was trying to do other things, I was meditating, I was reading spiritual books, and I had a moment of clarity where I realized exactly who I was. It was very confusing because I didn’t know what to make of it, and I had several profound insights which I’ve written about previously, but I thought I’d write about the process in case anyone else is wanting to reach a deeper level of understanding.


There are four “soul questions,” which the Chopra Center recommends asking before you meditate. These are:


1. Who am I?

2. What do I want?

3. What is my purpose?

4. What am I grateful for?


The first question is the one that we’re going to look at. When you turn your focus inward (as in all spiritual practices, the answer lies within), and ask yourself the question, “Who am I?” you’ll probably feel a couple of answers come up.


You might get a specific, direct answer like your name. Like you may hear, “I’m Tommy (or whatever your name is).”


You also might get indirect answers like, “I am me.” or partial answers like, “I am my personality.”


Whatever answer you receive, consider “havingness” versus “beingness”.


For example, “I have a name.” but I am not my name. If I change my name will I be any less me? “I have a personality,” but I am not my personality. If my personality changes, will I be any less me?


You cannot BE that which you HAVE. I have a car, I am not my car. I HAVE a computer, I am not my computer. I HAVE an arm (two, actually), I am not my arm. I HAVE a mind, I am not my mind… or am I?


But my mind is how I think? Am I not then, my mind? Am I not that which makes thinking possible? But what if you… change your mind? What then? Would you be any less you?


If you lost everything, your car, your spouse, your house, your kids, your job, everything, would you still be you? Even if you lost — dare I say it — your mind, would you still be you? These things might be things you have a preference for, or things that you enjoy, or things that you think you need, or roles you play, but they are not you. They are not the REAL you.


You are not your mind. You are not your body. You cannot be that which you have, nor can you be that which changes. However, if you meditate on this deeply, if you allow your true Self to speak to you, you will come to the same conclusion that all spiritual seekers find:


That that which you are is far greater, far grander, and far more magnificent than you’ve ever thought possible.  That which you are, is that which is unchanging. The REAL you, is immortal, unchanging, and ever-present.


That which you REALLY are is simply that which IS, that which always has been, and always will be.


It is from this “IS-ness” that spiritual masters speak. Lahiri Mahashi states in Autobiography of a Yogi, when asked why his body wouldn’t appear in photographs unless he willed it, said “I am spirit. Can your photographic equipment capture the omnipresent invisible?”


It is from this IS-ness that I speak. I am no spiritual master, but in my own searching, in deep meditation, I know that I am spirit. I am love. I am eternal. I am consciousness. I am God.


This last statement is bound to rile up a few people, and it’s a deeper topic for another time, but let me just say this: God is everything, yes? And are we not part of the everything? And thus, are we not all God?


Good. Now let’s move on, because I want to close this up…


Here’s the thing: spiritual teachers are a dime a dozen. Like gurus, you can find some good ones, and some bad ones. The really good ones will never tell you to buy their book because all the answers you seek lie within it. In truth, all the answers you seek lie within (ironically, all great spiritual texts tell you that outright. We just don’t listen.), so if you have answers, trust that your spirit, the universe, or God is speaking to you now, revealing all the answers. It is within the stillness of your mind that you will hear, feel, and see that which you seek.


Every spiritual seeker, who humbly and sincerely asks to know will be shown the way. Without exception. It is part of the Divine Plan that you know who you really are, to know your true nature. In truth, everything that God is, you are. You are kindness, you are love, you are compassion, you are joy, you are bliss, and you are immortal.


You have simply forgotten.


I am here to remind you. That is, to re-mind you. To help you remember your divinity. To help you remember your spirit. And when your spirit is remembered, there will be such joy within you that you won’t be able to contain it. These truths will become obvious and self-evident. And you will look into the eyes of others with kindness, love, compassion, joy, and bliss, and see that they are immortal too.


And there will be peace on earth, on earth as it is in heaven…






Tommy Heiden is a family photographer based out of Maple Ridge who, when he’s not caring for his amazing wife and two beautiful children, is occasionally found taking pictures of other peoples’ wives and children, and even more often, speaking and blogging about how to add more love to your life.

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