Family Photo Session

This may be the only time you ever have a Professional Portrait Session, or it could be something you choose to do every couple of years. It could even be something you plan every year, like a summer vacation. Regardless of how often you choose to have one, it should be enjoyable for everyone.

1) Planning Your Portraits

It starts with a Portrait Planning Session so that we can learn all about your family and what your vision is for your portrait session, and plan where and how you’ll want to feature your portraits. You’ll also be asked to e-mail or text us photos of any walls you can think that you might want to display your portraits. And obviously, it’s here that we’ll schedule your Family Portrait Session and go over products and pricing so that you will have a good idea of what kind of investment you will be making for your family portrait.

During your Portrait Planning Session, you’ll also get your very own “Screen Test,” a first of it’s kind, one of a kind, beauty workshop. We’ll take you on a FREE mini-session (which we’ve nicknamed the “Screen Test”) where you’ll experience first-hand how we direct and interact with our clients to keep them looking and feeling great. Then we’ll show you the photos on our laptop immediately and show you our editing process. In just a few minutes, you’ll get to see how and why we do what we do. We’ll show you the good and the bad, so you can learn how to look great in every photo, taken by anyone, with any camera, for life.

2) Photographing Your Family

Our Portrait Sessions are usually 1-2 hours wherein we aim to keep kids (and parents!) entertained and engaged. We’ll work to get real, genuine reactions from children (and parents!), and it’s not unusual to see our photographers doing or saying something crazy to elicit the right response from your child (or your spouse!).

Our photographers are experienced in handling a child’s varying moods and getting great results, so you can sit back, relax, and be assured that you’ll end up with some outstanding images to look at during your Viewing & Design Consultation.

3) Enhancing Your Home

Once your Portrait Session is done, we’ll have your images ready to preview in approximately 2-4 weeks. When your photos are ready, a Viewing & Design Consultation will be scheduled where we’ll watch a slideshow featuring all your images and then narrow them down to your favorites.

Using our software and colour-calibrated monitors, we can help choose the perfect location, size, and layout for your portraits, and you can see exactly how they’ll look on your walls before you buy.